How To Paint Urban Scene at Dust

Start with a mood key cardmuim scarlet and us yellow paint , with a 2 inch brush. Try using the scarlet when its dry and add blue and black as a combination this helps describe the boat shapes.

Stage Two

then negatively painted a semi-opaque grey mix of blue, red and white, with a tiny touch of yellow around the buildings and boats to describe the sky and river. A few vertical and horizontal brushstrokes to the buildings and boats provided a little extra structure to the painting

Stage Three

The buildings and boats needed more explanation so I added more layers of opaque ochre, red and blue greys and intensified the horizontal band of intense light along the Embankment with ochre and white, adding flicks of these colours to give the look of lit buildings and reflections in the water.

Final Painting

With card, palette knife, and finger I intensified the lights with white, ochre and red using dashes, dots, smears and smudges. I added a touch of detail to the trees on the left to add a little extra feeling of depth. Hints of mast, rope and window were added to the boats and, lastly, tiny dashes of red and white to signify the lights of moving traffic. I put down my brush before I considered it finished – always the best place for me to stop! The painting seemed to capture that moment when dusk descends and lights are just being switched on.